Threats in ICT

ICT is a good thing that has been introduced, but sometimes there can be some problems;

  • Viruses: A virus is a programme designed to cause harm to another computer. A virus spreads by attaching to files and this can be a high inconvinicence because sometimes you will loose files and corrupt the data in these files or the whole data in the computer. A virus is a threat because if you can’t get the files back then you could loose the business files that you will need further along; A virus also means that the whole site would be down, you wouldn’t be able to get new customers and also when customers would come into the store they wouldn’t be able to pay for the things they wanted to buy, when trying to pay for their item the tills would be down, this would mean that you would loose money. Another reason that a virus could affect the site would be the ways of advertising would be down- you wouldn’t be able to advertise any new items or sale items, this could result in customers loosing interest in the store.
  • Identity Theft is where somebody takes the identity of somebody else and then uses this identity on the internet. This is a threat because if the website is accsesible, and an employees identity is stollen the person can accsess all the company files and change or steal the files, also the person would find it easy to accsess the files and then look at them, this is a bad thing because if the files are confidential or about other employees then that imormation would need to be kept secret and away from anybody elses view.
  • Computer hacking is where somebody who is unauthorised accsesses a locked computer. This is a very bad thing because the hacker could alter important information. Also, could delete files that are important for the business. Sometimes, an ex-employee will hack onto the computer site or account to take ‘revenge’ on the owner of the webpage to look at the confidential or old information from the files, also, once hacked- fake information could be released about the business e.g. fake sales, fake closing sales ext. If this happens customers would loose interest or be persuaded to tell others about the closing of the store. This would result in the store/ business loosing money.
  • Cyber bullying: bullying somebody over the internet or e-mail, this is something bad in the workplace because if somebody is being bullied and the manager does not know then it could mean the business would loose workers that they may need, aswell as that, it could lead to legal or costly situations if the cyber bullying is more serious. If there is an e-mail sent as a ‘joke’ but is much more serious that what thought, it could change the way emplyees think about the business and store.
  • In conclusion, ICT can be a threat in business and companies, but it also can be a good thing and is needed in lots of parts of work.





A blog is a useful way of communicating for a company like venture clothing because you can advertise, this can be done by posting pictures of the clothes in store and also the different sales, this is useful for the store as well as helping the customers see all the ranges of clothing.

Also, you can show the Job Vacancies in the different stores, you could do this by adding a page or a small text telling people if there is any jobs availible at the time, this is useful for the customer because if they are looking for a job they can easily find out the information they need about the job.

A blog helps communication from the customers to the business because the custemers can review the items they have bought. A good review will help to bring customers to the stores and increase the chance of new customers visiting the shop. A bad review, on the other hand can help the store to change things that need improving. If there are lots of bad reviews all about one product, venture clothing would now to change the product or no longer produce it.

Contact details are also a good way of communitcation because you can find out store locations and other details about the store. For example, the phone number of the stores. If you do not know where your closest store is, going onto the blog will show you where it is. This is again, good for both the customer and the stores because the customer will know where to go, so it will build more business to the stores.

Product info is very important because the blog can inform people of the changes in the store. Or to all the different products, for example if a product goes into a sale or a new sale is started, the company can make a blog post about it to show customers about the products. Overall, this is more useful to the customer.


In conclusion, a blog is very useful for a company as you can see by all of the different advantages. Most of these are useful for both customer and company.

Social Impacts of ICT

ICT in the workplace:

– ICT is used a lot in the workplace but there are certain advantages and disadvantages of using the computers. The advantages of using ICT in the workplace are: computers can be used to set up a company website, so other people can easily learn all about the company just using the internet. computers can be easily used to order stock or in some types of workplaces but in others it can be used to make bookings, also computers can be used to store important information for example the employees personal data, this data will be stored safely, much safer than the information being in a folder. 

  • Easier communication (e.g. video conferencing – less travelling, etc.)
  • Easier / quicker access to information (e.g. company databases)
  • The advantages of using ICT in a work place are that you can email all the people who work there if you need to send a message out.
  • good way of keeping track of what you are spending and what you are earning.


  • People become de-skilled
  • It may distract you from actual work
  • Risk of data being lost
  • Risk of data being hacked.


ICT in Healthcare: (E.G. Doctors)

  • Quick and easy
  • Patients can access at any time
  • Patients can refer back to the message
  • Record can be stored
  • Easily accessible
  • Information can be stored easily.
  • Return to the information at any time.



  • If the information is not clear it may become difficult to understand
  • The information could get muddled and then lost

Compters in education:
Students and teachers can accsess it to make work less complicated.
It is easy to accsess the internet so research is easier.
Makes work simple and diffrent publications can be use.

Older teachers may find it difficult to use.
New skills will need to be taught to use the different publications

Say Cheers to Our New WordPress Holiday Theme and Desktop Backgrounds

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We love our holiday traditions here at, and my favorite is teaming up every year with a talented artist to ring in the season WordPress-style with a festive illustration. This year’s edition was created by Australian illustrator Glenn Thomas, also known as The Fox and King.


Like in years past we’ve created desktop wallpapers from the art, but this year we took it one step further. Automattic’s Caroline Moore adapted the artwork into a new holiday theme called Cheer, available starting today on

Cheer Traditional

Cheer is a festive, textured theme in two color palettes, perfect for personal sites and blogs. Deck the halls with this cheeky little elf, then share your holiday photos and stories with friends and family.

Cheer Modern

You can read more about Cheer on the theme showcase, or preview it on your blog by going to Appearance -> Themes.


And as always, we’ve…

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On tumblr you have a dashboard and you keep on scrolling through all of them, then when you find one that you want on your blog you either press alt,alt and then click on the arrow button or you just click on the arrow button then click reblog. Then the post will come on your blog. You don’t always post things about your actual life. it’s great.