Social Impacts of ICT

ICT in the workplace:

– ICT is used a lot in the workplace but there are certain advantages and disadvantages of using the computers. The advantages of using ICT in the workplace are: computers can be used to set up a company website, so other people can easily learn all about the company just using the internet. computers can be easily used to order stock or in some types of workplaces but in others it can be used to make bookings, also computers can be used to store important information for example the employees personal data, this data will be stored safely, much safer than the information being in a folder. 

  • Easier communication (e.g. video conferencing – less travelling, etc.)
  • Easier / quicker access to information (e.g. company databases)
  • The advantages of using ICT in a work place are that you can email all the people who work there if you need to send a message out.
  • good way of keeping track of what you are spending and what you are earning.


  • People become de-skilled
  • It may distract you from actual work
  • Risk of data being lost
  • Risk of data being hacked.


ICT in Healthcare: (E.G. Doctors)

  • Quick and easy
  • Patients can access at any time
  • Patients can refer back to the message
  • Record can be stored
  • Easily accessible
  • Information can be stored easily.
  • Return to the information at any time.



  • If the information is not clear it may become difficult to understand
  • The information could get muddled and then lost

Compters in education:
Students and teachers can accsess it to make work less complicated.
It is easy to accsess the internet so research is easier.
Makes work simple and diffrent publications can be use.

Older teachers may find it difficult to use.
New skills will need to be taught to use the different publications


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