A blog is a useful way of communicating for a company like venture clothing because you can advertise, this can be done by posting pictures of the clothes in store and also the different sales, this is useful for the store as well as helping the customers see all the ranges of clothing.

Also, you can show the Job Vacancies in the different stores, you could do this by adding a page or a small text telling people if there is any jobs availible at the time, this is useful for the customer because if they are looking for a job they can easily find out the information they need about the job.

A blog helps communication from the customers to the business because the custemers can review the items they have bought. A good review will help to bring customers to the stores and increase the chance of new customers visiting the shop. A bad review, on the other hand can help the store to change things that need improving. If there are lots of bad reviews all about one product, venture clothing would now to change the product or no longer produce it.

Contact details are also a good way of communitcation because you can find out store locations and other details about the store. For example, the phone number of the stores. If you do not know where your closest store is, going onto the blog will show you where it is. This is again, good for both the customer and the stores because the customer will know where to go, so it will build more business to the stores.

Product info is very important because the blog can inform people of the changes in the store. Or to all the different products, for example if a product goes into a sale or a new sale is started, the company can make a blog post about it to show customers about the products. Overall, this is more useful to the customer.


In conclusion, a blog is very useful for a company as you can see by all of the different advantages. Most of these are useful for both customer and company.


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