Threats in ICT

ICT is a good thing that has been introduced, but sometimes there can be some problems;

  • Viruses: A virus is a programme designed to cause harm to another computer. A virus spreads by attaching to files and this can be a high inconvinicence because sometimes you will loose files and corrupt the data in these files or the whole data in the computer. A virus is a threat because if you can’t get the files back then you could loose the business files that you will need further along; A virus also means that the whole site would be down, you wouldn’t be able to get new customers and also when customers would come into the store they wouldn’t be able to pay for the things they wanted to buy, when trying to pay for their item the tills would be down, this would mean that you would loose money. Another reason that a virus could affect the site would be the ways of advertising would be down- you wouldn’t be able to advertise any new items or sale items, this could result in customers loosing interest in the store.
  • Identity Theft is where somebody takes the identity of somebody else and then uses this identity on the internet. This is a threat because if the website is accsesible, and an employees identity is stollen the person can accsess all the company files and change or steal the files, also the person would find it easy to accsess the files and then look at them, this is a bad thing because if the files are confidential or about other employees then that imormation would need to be kept secret and away from anybody elses view.
  • Computer hacking is where somebody who is unauthorised accsesses a locked computer. This is a very bad thing because the hacker could alter important information. Also, could delete files that are important for the business. Sometimes, an ex-employee will hack onto the computer site or account to take ‘revenge’ on the owner of the webpage to look at the confidential or old information from the files, also, once hacked- fake information could be released about the business e.g. fake sales, fake closing sales ext. If this happens customers would loose interest or be persuaded to tell others about the closing of the store. This would result in the store/ business loosing money.
  • Cyber bullying: bullying somebody over the internet or e-mail, this is something bad in the workplace because if somebody is being bullied and the manager does not know then it could mean the business would loose workers that they may need, aswell as that, it could lead to legal or costly situations if the cyber bullying is more serious. If there is an e-mail sent as a ‘joke’ but is much more serious that what thought, it could change the way emplyees think about the business and store.
  • In conclusion, ICT can be a threat in business and companies, but it also can be a good thing and is needed in lots of parts of work.




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