Threats in ICT

ICT is a good thing that has been introduced, but sometimes there can be some problems; Viruses: A virus is a programme designed to cause harm to another computer. A virus spreads by attaching to files and this can be a high inconvinicence because sometimes you will loose files and corrupt the data in these […]


A blog is a useful way of communicating for a company like venture clothing because you can advertise, this can be done by posting pictures of the clothes in store and also the different sales, this is useful for the store as well as helping the customers see all the ranges of clothing. Also, you […]

Social Impacts of ICT

ICT in the workplace: – ICT is used a lot in the workplace but there are certain advantages and disadvantages of using the computers. The advantages of using ICT in the workplace are: computers can be used to set up a company website, so other people can easily learn all about the company just using […]


On tumblr you have a dashboard and you keep on scrolling through all of them, then when you find one that you want on your blog you either press alt,alt and then click on the arrow button or you just click on the arrow button then click reblog. Then the post will come on your […]